Development Management

We do not have a standard package of service that we offer to all. We have areas of expertise that we can provide to clients in various forms to suit each client and each project. We can provide a range of services from:

Client Advisor We provide the guidance and advice on how a project should be run, attend decision making meetings and input at key stages but the day to day management is carried out by client.

Complete Project Management we carry out all project specific roles from beginning to end, providing a single point of contact to the project team for the client management team.

Or a service in between which fits in with the expertise and resources available within the client organisation.

Specific areas of expertise include, but not limited to:

Project Team Selection

Identifying project scopes

Design Management

Feasibility Studies

Business Plan Support

Cost Control

Client Team Management

Programme Control

Advice on Dispute Resolution

Project Handover Management

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