About Us

Ashburnham Project Management was established by Jon Aikman, an experienced manager of building projects. He has worked in the management of building projects for more than 20 years, with over 15 of those years working as a client consultant.

We also work with various specialist consultants (catering consultants, business planners etc) that can complement and add to our services to provide unique single point of contact project support teams.

A building project must achieve the client organisationís business needs. With that in mind we make sure we understand your business, its priorities and function. When setting the project budget we consider the business plan and the functional requirements of the building. The budget should be low enough to meet the business plan requirements of making profit but high enough to achieve the functional requirements to carry out the business. We work closely with the end users within the client organisation to ensure all functional requirements are met.

We specialise in buildings that have a high level of interface with customers where layout, interior design, comfort and ease of use are all important. We therefore already understand the needs of these types of businesses. However every organisation is different and we try to find out what is at the heart of each clientís business so that we can effectively become an extension to their management team.


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